Huge dark nimbus clouds are looming in the hearts of many parents. A constant feeling of the absolute absence has taken a parasite in their soul,the agony and pang  have injected into every tissue of their body. Ask them how is it to loose their child and they shall reply” Cut off our limbs and behead us…that deadning feeling lives in us”.

The recent attack in Pakistan where 132 innocent children were ruthlessly killed has created a dark cloud in parents. They are afraid of future and not even a single ray of sunshine is entering in  their hearts. Students who were so hopeful about their future have been blasted in a single dark cloud. Its the 6th day from the dark date yet not even a single speck of the dark cloud has cleared rather it is getting denser and larger.Parents who lost their young boys and girls have developed an emotional clot in their heart. Many have lost their only children whom they expected would have been the beacon of happinessin the former’s late years. But all the hopes, all the expectations and all the happinesss has been shattered but one thing which hasn’t shattered is the cloud. Here’s what we should think” Would it ever shatter?”.


  “imagesCAA1XU9I  May all the children ,who died in Peshawar attack, rest in peace.”the black cloud


17 thoughts on “THE DARK CLOUD

  1. In Miami, Florida USA where I live there have been 18 drive-by shootings in last 2 weeks. These are gang escapades and most victims innocent children. No child should grow up in fear but unfortunately far too many do around the world. Thanks visit my blog.

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  2. I’m so sorry to read about this tragedy. I don’t watch the news very much. I didn’t know. I am sure the children are in the arms of angels, but how awful for those patents to suffer such a great loss. They need love, comfort, and hope. Blessings to you for caring…


  3. This was such heartbreaking news, especially for me as a retired teacher and a grandmother. All the world grieves the loss of innocent children. Thank you for following me at Trigger’s Horse. – Fawn

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