Brutality has crossed its fence,

It is inexpressible even by most powerful pens.

The plight has reached its ultimate extent,

It is better to do something than to later repent.

Now, is the time that we may get up,

And stop acting like a lazy pup.


Yes it’s we who can bring a change

Before this situation goes beyond our range

Let’s take a stolid pledge.

To respect women and let’s keep it fixed with a wedge

‘Womanhood’ a word inexpressible,

But definitely a definition unerasable.


The goddess mortalises the best spirits,

Into figures of bravery of no limits

These mortals are termed ‘women’

But today people take advantage of the feminine

They harm her with extreme measure,

And throw and tear her with great leisure.

Oh! You born sadistic satans,

Recall the holy psalms,

She who gave birth to you

She who raised you in all the cheerful hue

Was at last of the same weaker vessel

Whom you think you can kill with a chisel.


She is the most deadly weapon

Her courage comes like a lethal horn

Where does then reverence goes

When she is preyed to her toes

This is the way a girl is hunted

And is incessantly daunted.

Shrieking voices and endless gestures

Fail to save her from the tattered texures

She is tortured till she quits

She is chewed until she fits

Tied and thrown is the way she is respected

In any mean room you can hear her getting beated



She grovels for help

But what she gets is the former yelp

Again she goes through all that had happened

And thinks that probably she deserved

The agony not stops here

But folds into a greater fear


Walking through the pale nights, she feels

“Should I run on my heels?”

She isn’t frightened of animals in the wood

But is afraid of the beasts of manhood

She tiptoes but is caught

Gets dragged to a cot

Where that same flesh of soul

Is pinched and pressed like a mole


Abandon your chauvinism

Because its women who continues humanism

She is the creator of all you have

She is the discoverer of anything you fave

So, fear the womanly wrath

Which will devastate everything you ever hath

Acknowledge her as your equal

As the present state can bring a deplorable sequel

May “She” remain in the gleams of prosperity

With the women and men at parity

If you want to shelter peacefully in the lee

Then start paying reverence to the “She”.


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