On the eve of the christmas day, Life rejoices in its brightest hues. The christmas lights brighten up each and every corner of our lives and the so dragged monotony ceases.The Life senses warmth  not from the sweaters you wear. It feels this cheerful heat from the patience for the big day and when in the each suburb the countdown for the christmas day begins, that patience starts to change into a new fold. When the clock strikes midnight, the ambit of mirth displayed on each face is incredible!

Inside the warm rooms we see a splendidly decorated christmas tree while the look outside is deplorable,icy and chilly winds whip the skins of field labours. We have a reason to celebrate but those people even though having the same reason to celebrate, don’t celebrate. We are privilegded to be settled at the high soaring crests of life but they are deep down grovelling in the troughs.Yes you are thinking right I see life as a wave but a more appropriate word for life is FOLD. Compress a piece of cloth from both sides..folds imerge and then if u draw them out of the roll..they start flowing like frills.

It pains me to see others weeping on the eve of christmas while multitudes are partying. Doesn’t it seems quite peculiar that why life being like constant folds differ for two different people. It is not the resources, money or stature..its actually the desire. If i want to go around merrymaking do i require piles of pounds.NOPE! what i require is my will to be happy. So its a message to all the people who just remain like couchpotatoes and spend all the time just sitting bac and watching christmas related movies. Dont watch movies be frolic and go out and watch memories.The christmas lights are shining clear in the north sky …watch it and be happy.

Try to reach the crests of the fold and dont lie dead in the troughs. Remember you dont need money, you  simply need will to be shine out from the folds of life.The gleam of happiness should be all over you tomorrow. A sincere request to all the readers that be happy and spread happiness to all you see tomorrow.

                                                   Happy christmas day.


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