Wise shopping

The shinning shoes, the nicely ironed full sleeves shirts,the pure leather belts, the brightly painted tops, the cool jackets with detachable facilities are just some of the entertaining elements which attract the people walking in the malls these days. Many go to such places with strategy, that’s right shopping strategy! They have in mind their buying capacity and the cost limits. But when a denim jacket with silver chains at 50% discount comes in their view. The firm decision collapses and all the planned shopping strategies become null and void. Isn’t it true?

How to shop is not the concern but how to wisely shop is my today’s blog theme. Just imagine that in front of you, are two mannequins: the first having a velvet blue top with a cream colored half  sweater, to make it even attractive it has been loaded with corduroy pants with mustard color boots and the second one a full shirt with a full sleeve simple jacket and normal pants, which will u choose?here the necessity is not the criteria for many,  fashion and the overall outdoor appearance is  the  deciding factor. You may die in the cold winds but fashion ought to remain intact. a similar illustration can be for a woman as well who has bought an orange silk corset and now is in a grave dilemma whether to choose commonly available brown boots which shall keep her feet snug and warm or to select an orange pencil heels. Would she now go for another gown all together? I don’t say that kill your likes and aspirations. I just want that people should buy things on two parameters:  comfort and buying capacity.

If you are a woman of late thirties and you very well know that high heels aren’t your things then why just as to match a particular attire you go for them, rather than wasting money on them you can go for flat heels, or a slight heel slippers. So why to buy such shoes you can’t walk in.Thus don’t go by the idea that you should live out of your comfort zone, always dress in a manner that you are able to walk, able to eat and able to talk. For example once my friend’s uncle wore a sky blue suit with blue pants he had bought at the seasons sale discount,now he had to buy a dark blue tie, being extremely cold at that time he had to also buy a half sleeves sweater and he also chose to flair a light blue muffler which he whirled round his neck just as a python whirls it’s prey.Neither was he able to talk properly nor able to breathe. He borne all this trouble just to hide the contrast. To dress within the comfort zone doesn’t means to destroy the style quotient of your dress , it simply implies that you dress in a way that you feel your body and soul in a good condition. Yes it is important to keep your soul comfortable. You unwillingly bought and wear a knee length gown under peer pressure just because all your friends are going to a new year eve’s party and are dressed in similar gowns.

The most important thing you should keep in mind while buying is your buying capacity. You see a slim mannequin with a 70 dollar price tag on a full length gown and seeing the good quality and recent trends, in haste you buy it but when you return you see that not only does it not look good on you because of your symmetrical figure but also its cost was a burden on your monthly bill.You ought to remember your buying limits.The range which you plan shouldn’t shake when you see boots of tag with saying “pure leather” even you very well know that you just wanted normal loafers. The tip is to just go to the counter where you will get your displayed item, choose from the display and buy it, just don’t look around because you may see a pair of shoes even better looking and you land up in buying them paying extra the extra money from your credit card. Its a simple logic that expenditures of today might limit your tomorrow’s expenses.

Hence, when you shop it’s an earnest request that shop wisely. Select those items which not only pacify your quench but also are worth the expenditure. Again it doesn’t mean that you turn a miser. Always remain in the between that is neither be a spent thief nor a miser.

                            “HAPPY WISE SHOPPING”


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