At the Dawn of 2015

In few minutes, the  whole globe shall rejoice in the new colors at the dawn of 2015. Colors of happiness, warmth and love shall paint each and every heart.All the monotony and boredom shall cease when the various parties shall be shortening the time with their eager countdowns.

Still many shall be sitting in some lone corner repenting, crying or just simply sitting.This frolic time shall seem like a dull hour to them. Those people don’t understand the concept of being happy at new year’s eve. They are occupied with the all the failure they faced in the year, that sadness has penetrated deep inside them.That sadness has not only made them cowards but also has erased the word “mirth” from their memory.To those I quote         Kung Fu Panda that yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called a present. You don’t require piles of pounds or some special reason to celebrate, it’s the will you should have to cherish the present.Those people who had a rough 2014, who failed in some step of their life or those who lost someone loving or were destroyed in some way; shouldn’t keep all that bad foul in  their heart.At the dawn of 2015 you should not only step out of 2014 but also should abandon the sour experiences.

Gather all your strength together, inhale the breeze and feel that new air which goes in you, it is just asking you to be happy and to enjoy the new year.So in this new year remember that you shall stick to your resolutions, you wont repeat the mistakes of 2014 and you shall keep smiling.



2 thoughts on “At the Dawn of 2015

  1. I like post apart from the coward thing, it’s not nice. People who mull in their problems are far from cowards, in fact, they are strong, because they have the guts to experience the reality of the situation how they see it, of course someone may see their situation in a different light, in a better light, but at least they are facing how they feel and think, not running away from it, but experiencing it in that moment. I used to suffer with depression and have been free of it for 3 years, and now see almost everything in a positive light, but when I was depressed; I used to think like the way you say. Just to keep myself alive, even though I felt like dying a lot of the time, was a huge task. A brave and courageous one. A lot of people’s misery, is not necessarily of their own doing, but others, I will be touching on this in my Embrace Your Quirky posts on my and in my videos on my channel. I created and used my Embrace Your Quirky philosophy to overcome depression without medication.

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