The Fault In Our Stars

It was in the late hours of that Friday evening, when I and my elder sister were still cozy in the comforter, recalling some childhood memories when my eldest sister suggested to watch a  movie rather then killing ourselves in the monotony of the air, which was quite contrary to the pleasant weather of Banglore. So my elder Sister picked ” Captain Philips ”  from  the list of many movies displayed in her Laptop but for some obscure reason, I didn’t like its beginning so I insisted to switch to some other movie and then she picked up the movie about which this whole blog is about: ” The Fault In Our Stars” directed by  Josh Boone casting Shailene Woodley as the main protagonist and narrator  ” Hazel” and Ansel Elgort another main character as “Gus”.

The movie is a flawless masterpiece, depicting love in its incomprehensible adversity.A sixteen year old girl “Hazel Grace Lancaster” a IV stage cancer patient having water in her lungs, thus totally dependent  on her BiPAP, oxygen cart, cannula attached into her two nostrils and Philip [another machine which helps her breathe]; falls in love with Augustus Waters, a seventeen year old handsome and beautiful boy, who suffered from osterosarcoma and thus is an amputee.

This movie touched the sentimental petals of my heart so well, that the very next day I bought the novel from which it has been adapted and within a weeks time that 311 pages long novel, excluding the acknowledgement and introduction pages, has built a strong emotional place in my heart.Not only has it taught me many good values but has also made me realize that how privileged we are to be healthy and physically sound.

   In the end, Augustus dies thus proves his statement true,”I am on a roller coaster that only goes up”.Its a sincere request to all my readers to purchase the book and also watch the movie which has released last year.This movie stands out to the readers more than the romance and sad genres. It is more of a regular movie and novel but with better message.It is a good book to those who are suffering from some sort of problem or pain.To them i quote a very beautiful line from it,

Pain demands to be felt”



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