A Letter For The Unknown


Those who can pray.

An eerie world has taken its shape around me and it’s very inception lies in the hand of the ruthless people who prefer blood to water.It ain’t a condolence letter but is an expression of my heart and it’s prolonged lamentation.I have lost many  friends who were unknown to me but there was a relation between me and those unknown, who are now sleeping beneath the earth’s crust forever in a life of eternity and tranquility.

In the recent killings in Peshawar and Paris,more than 100 innocents died and not even a single score of them was known to me still I am shedding tears and swallowing the pain.Do you know why?The answer lies in the very fact that I and they were of the same constitution of flesh,blood and sinew. The fact that a human died because of another human is the main reason of my lamentation.

We didn’t know those who died or rather better term “killed” nor can we fathom the woe-begone plight of their families but definitely we knew that they were of the same human race.We didn’t know where they lived thus we can’t approach their kith and kin to console them but still we can pray.Yes we can pray for those unknowns.I don’t expect that any of my readers tries to contact the families of the dead unknowns but I just insist on praying for them.

So all those who are of sound soul of the human race may take this pledge with me.

“I take a stolid pledge

to never harm anyone of anywhere

to always recall the holy psalms

and keep the thought ‘I am a human’

always affirmed in my heart.

I take an oath

vouching by the crystal sky and glistening ocean

that I shall put together

my heart,brain and braw

towards the betterment of humanity

and I shall pray for those who being unknown yet were known.”


A Human.

paris killing


peshawar attack






7 thoughts on “A Letter For The Unknown

  1. I can see my sorrow splayed across this day
    like the vulture is happy for a death.

    But in the wilderness
    the kin pray over lost bodies,
    even if only the birds know where
    they lie.

    Endless sorrow seeks
    a mandate from Heaven.

    I know such sorrow, because
    someone I love is missing
    in a dangerous zone, and

    I don’t want her to be
    picked at by the vultures

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  2. Praytyush, thank you for your written piece here, it really resonates with all the feelings I also had during the events of the Paris killings. I did pray that day and will continue. Hatred begets hatred and love begets more love.

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