This Makes Me Happy

To see drops of rain,

Transforming into oceans.

Land nurturing the plant bairns,

and erasing the earthly erosions.

The large trees not dying pale helpless as soldiers of infantry.

With Nature breathing lively,

And the Earth at extreme pageantry.

This makes me happy!

To see the divides getting shattered,

And multitudes rejoicing in the hue of fraternity and humanity.

Peace, Love and Mercy not battered,

Thus the universe walking on the path of morality with integrity.

Shinning with the beacon of justice and honesty.

Hence each individual diligent and merry,

With the Nature and Man at parity.

This makes me happy!


2 thoughts on “This Makes Me Happy

    • Fist of all thank you for appreciating my wok but Sir..This makes me happy is a 100 lettered poem by me..I guess you are talking about The that response, let me tell you Sir, that that story is a piece of fiction and the end so written by me is the only end to it.Nothing happens after that, the protagonist is rendered spellbound and bewildered.


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