premio-dardosIt was a week ago when Aakansha ma’am nominated me for Premio Dardos awards and mark my words my patient readers that no one could have fathomed my mirth and my confidence.The important thing isn’t whether you are a winner, the important thing is that your capable of being nominated for such an honor.

I would like to thank Aakansha ma’am that she thought that I was able enough to be nominated for Premio Dardos.I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards her for all the support and help she provided me without any reluctance.It’s rare to see such good souls living in today’s era as her.If you want to have a new standstill and perception of life thus you want to revamp your thinking then please follow Aakansha ma’am because I know she shall be he right person.You can follow her at “”.

My late grandfather used to say that the honor of an award is not measured by its importance, it is measure by its sentiments.So I am highly privileged that I have got this opportunity to nominate 15 people for this dignified honor.It is an earnest request to the nominees that feel proud of yourself to be nominated for this honor.As per rules I can only nominate 15 people, so I would like to apologize to those people whose name aren’t included in the list but please try to understand that your talent and potential can’t be compared or scaled by your inclusion in the list.So here are the 15 talented and versatile bloggers whom I,Pratyush,a worthless fellow, nominate for Premio Dardos:

  • Roopesh:[]A very skilled observer,if you want to understand the little things of life and want to view them from a magnifying glass then he is the one.His ideas serve as his magnifying glass.
  • Leanne Lieu:[]Beautiful poems with poignant strings attached is her specialty.If you want to feel the simplicity with no ambiguity then she is the one.She loves reading and etymology.
  • Carl D’Agostino:[]An experienced person as he is yet cartoons are present in the posts, you can be cheerful just by reading his words.You should see the various pictures he has in his blog.
  • Carol Ann Hoel:[www.cah4el’]A sentimental lady indeed her words tell everything her heart says.Beautiful blogs.
  • Sandara:[]Her videos on various issues, topics, subjects and thoughts shall render you dumbstruck.You can feel the difference on her blog.
  • Astria John:[]Just got one thing to say that visit it.
  • wisejourney:[]poetic feelings expressed through beautiful real life pictures.nice blogger.
  • momfawn:[]A grandfather of 60 having a perception of 16.Very interesting posts.
  • Victoria Doughtery[]An author, a person perceiving life and its depths not from superficial level but feeling it and expressing it in the most impressive way.
  • Judy Amy:[]She writes elegant poems and very realistic blogs.You should follow her.
  • adventures in cheeseland[]She has observational humor and her blogs very well display the humor quotient.
  • Agnes Durbet:[]Beautiful and flawless blogs with simplicity content maintained throughout the blogs.
  • Sierra Michael:[]An author whose impeccable posts and blogs have impressed many.
  • Nadira S.Al-Ziyah Bey:[] A very realistic writer and blogger.The simplicity and normality of her blogs is commendable.
  • Aakansha:[]Of course I have nothing to state further about her wits and passion for reading.            

Congratulations to all the nominees.Feel proud of yourself that your passion for writing has achieved you such a profound and esteemed honor.Now you may nominate your 15 friends for this award but it has some rules which have been mentioned below:


Yours faithfully,

Pratyush Dayal Mishra.


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  4. Wow! My videos on a variety of topics and subjects leave you dumbstruck! That’s an amazing statement, thank you. It must mean my video content it powerful stuff and makes people think. Thanks for the nomination. It is an honour to accept. What do the words behind the award mean?


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