26th January

It was 26th January,1950 when Indian Constitution was enforced.Ever since then,this day is celebrated as the “Republic Day”. Being an Indian, it is not only a very reverent day for me but also a celebration, I am proud of.

Immense zeal, patriotism and love for motherland can be witnessed in each Indian. It is a day of glory and splendor just like an eagle soaring in the pinnacles of sky, India flies in the ambit of devotion,duty and determination.Today each institution, each school each governmental department celebrates 66th Republic Day through ceremonial functions exclusively including march pasts.The view of coordinated parades and well paused speeches is remarkable.In the capital city, New Delhi, huge crowd gathers at Rashtrapath, where patriotic processions are carried out.Parades of all the three wings of defense are carried out followed by beautifully decorated floats representing each state of India.Each float displays the significant features and cultural attributes of that state.The program begins with  hoisting of the tricolor flag of India and ends with the National anthem.

On the 66th republic day, mirth and fervor for nation doubled itself with                    Mr. Barack Obama, the President of United States Of America,as the chief guest.The keen interest Mr. Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama showed, in each function of this year’s Republic Day, was really impressive.Today India is rejoicing in national hue and each citizen of India must be feeling proud of his nationality.Not only today is an important day because of it being a Republic Day but also is a historic day as it shows good friendship between two mega democracies:U.S.A and India.Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi said “The meeting of two nations at the 66th republic day has brought the capitals:Washington,D.C and New Delhi closer and its people closer. I am privileged to have a friend like Obama.

Being an Indian, I would like to thank Mr. Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama and all the American dignitaries for attending our republic day.The merriment of the day has taken a higher level because of their mere presence.We hope is, that our chief guest must have enjoyed their visit and the warmth and affection which flowed through the patriotic air must have left an imprint on them. I really hope that our cultural diversity and heritage must have pleased them.

   At last I quote the Indian Pledge:

                    “India is my country

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its

rich and varied heritage

I shall always strive to be a loyal and worthy citizen of it.

I shall show respect to my parents,teachers and elders and

shall be obedient to them.

I shall show kindness to animals.

To my country and my people

I pledge my devotion.In their happiness

and prosperity alone lies my happiness

May god give our countrymen peace and prosperity.”

barack meets modi


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