The Encounter

It was quarter to 9 when I reached the metro station.As usual, a black tie hung loose around my neck, a dark brown leather briefcase in hand and to top it all, the haggard appearance of mine.The metro arrived within few minutes of my arrival at the station.The doors opened and I hastily got in, they slammed and the metro train moved.

      The compartment as usual was full of strangers.My lank black hair limped against my frowned forehead.There was a vacant seat next to the long handle of the door,without any further delay sat on it with triumphant looks because metros in Lucknow metros can be unexpectedly full of passengers anytime.As I glanced around, I saw a lady in her early 20s:Devon shire calm posture and a phlegmatic smile.Her ruby red lips and pink cheeks gleamed when she was humming some song.To be true, I was overwhelmed with her beauty.There was something different in her:No panic,no rush just sitting calm and composed with a broad smile.

     Besides her stood a middle aged woman, with the exhausted appearance, short and heavily built.If you were to compare a rose to a thorn, this could have been your golden opportunity.The lady who rendered me spellbound sat in tranquility but the woman standing in front of her was quite obverse.Clad in a simple shirt with a long skirt my soul captivator,whispered something to herself.

    I thought to initiate a conversation but had noting to say.Indeed her beauty had not only enchanted me but had also imprisoned my soul and mind in the bars of silence.Yes it was love at first sight.What can you expect?I am of a passionate blood of 21 and she was in the quintessence of 20s.In the fear of an insulting rejection, I  didn’t get up.I know nothing about her.Who knows that maybe she is married or someone’s fiance but my heart was eager to know her.Her softness of hands and the mere presence of her, was melting my heart.

It was 10 minutes now,that I had been just staring at her.Her fragrance had loomed in the air of the compartment like an exotic Arabic perfume.My haggard expression seemed to soothed by her impeccable disposition.I wanted to talk to her but my mind and heart were reluctant.In a hope to start a conversation, I started humming the same song she was humming.Probably she may listen and say something,unfortunately nothing happened.Our proximity couldn’t be of any help.It was last 5 minutes for metro to arrive at my stop and I was drenched in nervousness.With my mind made up to greet her,I stood up.No sooner did I get up than she stood up in a hunch position and the lady in front of her gave her the crunches and she now stood in an upright position with her two helping crunches under her armpits.

Somehow I got the courage to ask the woman helping her stand, I asked,”Do you people live here in Lucknow?”. The woman in a bleak and low voice replied in Hindi,”No Sir, We don’t live here,she is my only child and is suffering from polio since childhood.We hail from a small town.”. The doors opened, they strolled out and new passengers,all strangers came in, the doors closed and the metro moved, my stop missed and I stood there all shocked with the romantic encounter.



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