The Epitaph of Ms. Hazelwood

Beneath my shadow on the ground,she lay sleeping,

In an eternal swoon of no awakening.

The dark night donned silence as its armor,

treating the absolute quietness as an honor.

The fleecy clouds swaying in the sky,

couldn’t fathom my desperate sighs.

The mound of Earth was her only abode.

Life had halted at that road.

Nothing shone brightly in that wood,

As the epitaph of my beloved Hazelwood.

 Painted happy in the colors of our wedding,

we headed back on the horse ridding.

The cursed curve oozed at the corner of the road,

and the horse couldn’t bear the swift pace and its load.

The rosewood trees at the curve still wear the marks,

and remember how blood of Elizabeth had stained their barks.

While I laid injured in the carriage;

My wife left me within few moments after our marriage.

Although she was Mrs Hazelwood,

her final departure from me rendered her as Miss Hazelwood.

Agility,tranquility and fidelity,

were the reasons of her popularity.

Beauty, so rich and fine,

could have intoxicated any heart without any wine.

The quintessence  of varied virtues,

wasn’t the only relished hues.

Her beady blue eyes flowed beneath her shinning forehead,

The luscious lips,with a nose so red,

Arched eyebrows rest above the rosy cheeks,

the lank chestnut-brown hair and benign looks, had enchanted me for weeks.

Presently she is easily blooming daisies,

and I am facing life with difficulties.

The grotesque god  snatched her away from me,

she dwells in paradise from where she can’t flee.

The pretty pitiful state of my heart,

is my body’s most impressionable part.

Oh! you naive nature don’t sit idle,

dagger me so that I may reunite with my beloved idol.

Even though she has eventually wedded Death,

but her soul and mine are bonded in a wreath.

After the love letters,the only thing I wielded my pen,

for her, was the epitaph for her,sleeping in the Death’s den.

My bride!A person of various shades of life,

At last couldn’t be my wife.

Her grave is my most cherished retreat,

As solely she can feel my heart’s heat.

Her epitaph reads:

There are no boundaries in love,

Even Death can’t separate you from your love,

Here rests Miss Hazelwood in love,

Who is the only angel I could ever love.”


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