love in buttonsLove is going to spring from the earthworm holes in few moments,into air.Couples moving together beneath the sky, drenched in love.Many people view Love as a feeling which requires proximity, but love is a feeling which doesn’t want nearness it solely wants emotions.A wife laying cozy in quilt dreaming about her husband at borders guarding the security and integrity of his motherland, a college boy getting tattoo for his beloved,thinking to surprise by visiting his girlfriend who has moved 1000 miles away from him, and their are many more illustrations from daily life which shall completely deny the opinion:Love needs nearness.It just requires nearness of hearts and souls.

Age again ain’t any parameter which  can determine and decide whom to love.A person of 23 can fall in love with 32.People say that the comfort zone comes in grave peril when it comes to age factor.To those immature heads,I will say that a its a rare sight to see the both partners of a couple to live together and die together.So why to hesitate to love a person who is older to you?

Caste,color and creed stand nowhere when it comes to love someone.If you have this feeling anchored in your mind that he is black and I am white,then you shall die alone.Similarly religion shouldn’t be the deciding factor,we are children of one god,so we can love anyone without any barrier.Few think that its safe to marry one of same nationality.It is us, humans who have divided the entire land into divisions which we call,”Nations”. Love doesn’t understand nationality, it just understands the individual indifferent to the fact whether he hails from America or India.

If you love a boy being a boy and think that your love shall be criticized and condemned,then think that will those critics shall be present all along in your life.Of course no, so feel proud to be gay or lesbian, because it isn’t any thing bad or unnatural.It is totally natural because Love doesn’t chooses a human, it chooses a heart and it doesn’t know where that heart resides,in a boy or in a girl.

Money is a crucial part of our life but not the most important part.You are at the pinnacle of your success, and love a woman who is a just receptionist at the office of your million dollar firm, you think that it shall be a blow to your earned reputation,then just wait and ponder over a thought that in your old days,when you will crave for emotional support,will your reputation and money hold your hands and soothe your emotions?Stature and status char to ashes in the flaming passion of Love.

In a nutshell,this blog is addressed to those people who are afraid to express,realize or admit their feelings just with the fear of stereotypical,biased and rigid society.Folks believe in your love,as it is the beacon of your path.Love is a great feeling,those who get afraid of the society.

This valentines day, express your feelings without any reluctance and fear.Break through all the stereotypical society and just love.



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