Revelation of within

A boy can’t apply lip balms.A girl can’t wear hooded jackets.A boy should loathe color pink as an option for shirts and a girl shouldn’t walk in jeans.Cricket,football and other sports should be a delight to boys whereas girls should sit in a cozy corner ameliorating her knitting skills.Today we are living in a society which is fraught with biased people, who view people through stereotypical spectacles.

                Even though we dwell within modern walls but still our windows are open to orthodox opinions.People  expect that a boy should remain within the definition of a boy and a girl shouldn’t cross the limits of a girl.A boy has to be  baseball champion and a girl should excel in embroidery work.Unless they do what hey are expected to do,they are subjected to criticism and thus their dreams and desires decay.So  here is my Revelation of Within, with my inner feelings as the protagonist and the society and its people as the antagonist.

               The thing I hate the most is to sweat,so with fear of stench followed by perspiration, I avoid sports.I love cleanliness more than the godliness ,hence having three baths a day ain’t a peculiar thing for me but a symptom of extreme femininity for many.If video games aren’t of any interest for me,then how can I do  any good with a gaming set like Xbox.To be true,till date, I have knowledge of cricket rules and regulations.Choosing a V-shaped shirt gain is a sign of feminism,for my friends, whom I now regard as acquaintances.

                The frolic atmosphere of spring time doesn’t arouse me to play rather it engulfs me into a dreamland,where I can see myself sitting under an  old oak tree, composing poems.In the mirror, I don’t see myself as an engineer, I see myself as an English professor cum author and poet.The zeal i possess for writing again drags me among a stereotypical and prejudiced society, which considers English just as a language.People like some of my relatives think that I am an impeccable example of a fool because I prefer English to Science.

            Ever since I gained my senses,I developed a strong,vehement passion for English Literature and Language.If that makes me a girl dreaming about fairylands, then I have no problems with it.I can’t change the mindset of such people or modify their approach but can only improvise my own perception and thinking and so I do.I don’t kill my dreams with the fear of slanders and false accusations.Just as I breathe, I dream.I aspire to become an English professor of Oxford University and if my aspirations and dreams are judged by judgmental people,then it isn’t my fault or harm, it is a foul disease they bear.

           To sum up, I’ll say that dreams should be nurtured by us and shouldn’t be damaged just with the fear of the society because society and its people won’t realize the importance and passion we uphold for our dreams,they will just torment us.So dream and reveal yourself against the fear of the society.

13 thoughts on “Revelation of within

  1. I think that everybody should do something out of their comfort zone, I went shopping for shoes with one of my female friends once, I was bored but I got involved and if we all did such things then maybe the world would be not only more open minded but integrated. Books are a case in point, boys used to read adventuure books, those ‘boy’s own adventures’ King Solomon’s Mines and Treasure Island why girls weren’t encouraged to read something as raucous i don’t know. It’s not like we’d tell females not to go watch Indiana Jones or Star Wars or Doctor Who because it is a boy thing. Let the lines blur and let us all learn.

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    • exactly Sir,it actually brings me tears of joy that you could fathom my real emotions behind the blog..literally today people have nurtured their stereotypical approach towards society, they are viewing things through biased thoughts..thats not only a shame but also a matter of concern..that how come those who call themselves as matured moderns are actually still dwelling in orthodox mentality….my friends regard my concerns for excessive hygiene as a mark of being feminist or gay……pity for such foul minds..thank you sir..for following my blog and my ideology.


  2. Society tries to mold us into something but some of us break that mold and dare to live not paying much attention to such silly notions and prejudice. They try to make us into something we are not and will never be. One of the most inspirational things a friend said to me when I was feeling down about being different than most is “don’t be afraid to show your true colors”. In others words just be yourself don’t try to be someone your not. When you do that their will be a few who will negatively judge you but many more than you may imagine will like you for being you.

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    • Exactly Alan..You have understood my point very effectively..we humans are afraid of the stereotypical and biased society, we hesitate to show are true colors(as rightly said by your friend)..we need to break that mold….It is good to see that you are understanding my messages…Thank you Sir( can’t resist from calling you Sir)

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