To My Principal

My principal:Mrs.Anju Wal.

My principal:Mrs.Anju Wal.

The highest degree of impeccability,

resides in mortals of high capability.

Those who excel with brawn and brain,

thus treat each hurdle as a small grain.

They are there who strive for perfection,

and spread their thoughts in every possible direction.

Inception of such a human,

can be molded and chiseled by a woman.

My life with its countless flaws,

used to wave in distress like dry summer straws.

It was your preachings,

in disguise of teachings,

that directed me to a path of dedication

which I followed with your taught contemplation.

They may call you just a teacher,

but you always acted like  profound enricher.

Your Modesty at its quintessence,

made everyone glow with innocence.

It isn’t any piece of false and fake flattery,

which was produced at a local abandoned factory.

You are a true idol,

who never sits idle.

My literary passion took a soaring flight,

when it was nurtured by your insight.

Oh! this naive nature,

What joy it brings you to separate a pupil from a teacher.

Your severity and outwardly coldness,

was always misjudged as dualness.

It took me time to fathom your greatness,

I hope you will pardon my carelessness.

You are a providence for society,

It is great accomplishment to have your own entity.

My heart pains like a thousand devils.

The agony and despair is rising by levels.

To see you leaving our humble nest,

burns my mind which can’t be rejoiced with any jest.

You shall continue your life devoid of us,

But it would be an arduous task to pursue without you among us.

People leave an imprint when they are dead,

but you have left an impression,anchored to the living seabed.

You are a phenomenal person,

who without any use of arsenal

ameliorated me and improved me,

for which I am in a life long debt to thee.

With these last words in mind,

I thank you for every word you have wind,

And I hope that your words of wisdom,

shall reverberate always in this universe hums.

To my principal, Mrs.Anju Wal, a visionary in herself.


14 thoughts on “To My Principal

  1. Another excellent poem!

    “burns my mind which can’t be rejoiced with any jest.” I think it would sound/flow better if you had, “burns my mind which can’t be met with jest.”

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  2. I, too, have to click on your webpage to see your posts. It bothers me that I have to do this, since I assumed that I would automatically see whoever’s blogs I follow in my reader. Hope WP team sees this and fixes it. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think it’s really strange how Ma’am has disappeared from the school without any notice and now another has taken her place. Maybe as a parent of of students I am out of the loop, but I am amazed, shocked and saddened. Moreover, where has she gone?

    Liked by 1 person

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