Hard Work Is Today’s Fairy Godmother

May it be Cinderella or any other such fairytale, the magic bestowed by the fairy godmothers has always been a turning point in the fairy tales.Who can forget the magic clad by Cinderella,while dancing with Prince Charming.Thus that Cinderella story effortlessly ended on a happy tone due to the fairy godmother.

         However, in today’s world, there aren’t any such godmothers who with their wands can ameliorate our lives and can direct them towards a path of pure happiness.What can actually help us in enhancing the standards of our lives is Hard work.Yes you read it correct.Don’t rub the glasses of your spectacles or your tired eyes because it is true. Diligence is the fairy godmother.Well renowned dictionaries say that a fairy godmother is a female character in some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortunes to the hero or heroine.To sum up she is a generous benefactor. I can’t see any difference between the fairy godmother and hard work.

        If one with his full will power strives to do a work with his full heart and sinew, then nothing whatsoever can stop him. Your degree of hard work is directly linked to your degree of life.If you are a person standing always under the umbrella of excuses, then you shall live a deplorable life.On contrary, if you are truly dedicated and determined individual, then you would spend a life burdened with mirth.Hard work does wonders, it can break the loftiest mountains into tiny smithereens and can paint the sky with your fame and success.

In 21st century, happy ending doesn’t mean the final meeting of the prince and princess, it implies survival of  person through all the social evils and attainment of stability.I may sound very staunch professional to many, but let me tell you that life in present society, as we know it, is challenging.Thus every individual strives for stability and for it, you require to work hard.Unlike the fairy tales, you cannot on magic, you need to discover the magic dwelling within you.You ought to channelize your thoughts and shape them into goals.For the attainment of these goals, you need to put your brawn and brain together.Your hours of complete and dedicated hard work can decide your hours of luxury.Who doesn’t yearn for lavish laving, but hard work is something you need.

The magic it can show is truly unbelievable. Hard work is a fairy godmother who can transform a worthless pauper into an exalted king.The choice is yours.How much tech savvy you may get, you can’t depend on an app to perform your share of hard work.

I am not saying to break your trust in fairy tales, but simply asking to realize their incredibility.The living embodiment of fairy godmother is hard work.The more you put in, the more magical your life becomes.Even though it may not have a magical wand or a hat but yes,hard work definitely has magic. So try to embrace the new godmother:Hard work.With its spells, this godmother can certainly bring a happy ending.


8 thoughts on “Hard Work Is Today’s Fairy Godmother

  1. Hi Pratyush, Thank you for following my blog. I thought I might comment on this post. Hard work is important I believe, yet it is often insufficient for any number of reasons. Fairy Tales suggest there is more a t work in the world tan we may know. They also say that our attitude in the midst of hardship matters. The Protestant ethic does aid one in achieving goals. It also threatens to destroy the very fabric of the planet. Perhaps fairy tales point to some wy of navigating this.

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    • Thank you Sir/Ma’am, for following my blog and considering it worthy enough to be discussed about, yes I totally agree with you that our attitude matters when it comes to achievement of some task, but hard work is very crucial for any effort…of course parameters like your quotient of dedication, perspective and seriousness and attitude come to play…I once again thank you for following my blog…


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