Virtuality of the Reality

How pragmatic you may consider it,

but reality doesn’t always fit.

The world, a place so vivid,

a pond too placid.

Impossibilities in reality,

are credible in virtuality.

   A writer’s mind and a suitor’s heart,

The thought process and the affectionate part,

swim through the canals of hope.

Even though your brow hangs loose like a rope,

novel ideology of reality,

sways high in the world of virtuality.

A place, unapproachable,

A destination, unattainable,

achievement of such aspirations,

are solely possible at virtual stations.

Stare at your mirror,

and assassin the parasitic terror.

People adhere to orthodox reality.

They are afraid to fly in the sky of virtuality.

Fantasy and flights in virtual lands

produce creativity from intellectual sands.

The strokes of your brushes in reality,

showers rainbows in virtuality.

Don’t resist that feeling of fantasy,

visit those lands with great ecstasy,

Nurture your fondness for creativity,

don’t dawdle in a bridled infinity.

Embrace the true virtuality,

and abandon the false reality.


6 thoughts on “Virtuality of the Reality

  1. I like the subtle rhyming and flow of this poem. After reading it a couple times, I’m left with the idea that sometimes we do tie ourselves down to a logical reality when what we should really do is permit ourselves to embrace a more vibrant reality.

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    • Thank you ma’am, this means a lot to me, a poet is very pleased if his readers are able to perceive his thinking and are thus able to think from his standstill, it is really an honor that you read it a couple of times and found it rhythmic.Thank you ma’am for following englishphilia.


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