My First Tremor

Getting soaked to the skin in the monotony of the chemistry class, I happened to view something unusual out of my class window. The tall tree next to the empty corridor was swaying as if it had a crazy monkey on it. While i was gazing out of the window trying to think the reason of the oscillating tree, someone shouted from the back of the class,” It’s an earthquake!”. No sooner did this unknown person said so than chaos ensued in the class. We all started screaming and talking among ourselves. My desk started vibrating and my water bottle kept on it fell down. Seeing this, we all ran out of the class, while two right students of my class, one of them being my best friend, started packing up their bags and were ensuring that their every belonging from a gel pen to competition books have been packed. Our headmaster came in and declared,”Students move either to the front field or back field. Hasten up! Leave your bags here and just move”. Seconding him, our commerce teacher who was teaching in the next class, shouted in a furious tone,” Evacuate immediately, move quick, you idiots, stop packing your bags, move, move quickly move!”. The so quiet corridor was now an anarchic alley and within no time students from all  classes and sections came out of their classes, all panicking and rushed down the stairs heading to the fields.

High clouds of dust were rising from the unpaved patches of the tennis court area, and students and teachers and other staff members were worrying as the ground beneath them was shaking. Very soon the whole school, from little kids of kinder garden till class 12th seniors like me, were present in the either fields. Today was a cloudless day, so we had to seek for the shade of the huge trees but with the fear that they will hammer us deep into the soil, we maintained an appropriate distance from them. In situations like this, people panic, shout and scream and tend to worsen the things but our school fraternity showed quite obverse display. Children were in a frolic mood, jumping and screaming cheerfully, shouting to their top of their voices, while 300 people were getting buried alive in the debris of the 9 floor tower, which collapsed in Lamjung in Nepal, the epicenter of the earthquake. We could feel the earth moving under our feet. Within few minutes around 11:56 am, we felt the second tremor, while the first was reportedly of 7.8 magnitude, the second wasn’t that strong. Not realizing the seriousness of all this, the middle school children were playing football and blindfolds.We, seniors were asked to move back to the back field, where the view was even cheery,  people were playing hide and seek in the buses which were just under the tall trees, sitting against walls of the swimming pool area and seemed enjoying the moment. The principal ma’am announced,” Following the protocols, we have received from the District Manager, we request all the bus students to report to back field and those who go by the private convenience, please step out from the front gate, please evacuate the premises immediately and stay away from the building walls. Don’t worry about your school bags and other belongings, you may receive them on the next working day and all the tests and assessments have been annulled for now. Now please leave, and maintain some discipline.”and we left. I drove back to my house and saw that everything was normal and in order.tre

But what I saw in the television and news channels, wasn’t normal. More than 400 people are still buried under the debris, all sorts of telecommunication facility has been cancelled in the major reasons of Nepal. While we received the aftershocks of the massively destructive earthquake, Nepal lost its 990 citizens in this tremor. While majority of my schoolmates were enjoying the whole tremor thing, many were dying a painful death in Nepal. All highways, airports and tourist destinations in Nepal have been severely damaged, our prime minister is extending a great help to our neighboring country, roads have got cracks but more importantly many lives have got deep cracks which shall take a lot of time o heel. This earthquake has caused avalanches in Mount Everest region and has completely destroyed the base camps.Weather people are expecting another earthquake  even though it was my first tremor of life, first time experience, seeing its fatal aspects, i don’t want to experience it again.tremors

Lets all hold our hands and pray for those innocent people and console their kith and kin through our prayers. Today I learned a lesson that every thing which you feel is anew thus exciting, can be fatal and as I am writing this post, I am sweating profusely because of an anticipated quake of even higher intensity. Just think, although I am 1000 miles away from the origin of the tremors, I am frightened, what shall be the state of people living right at the epicenter?


12 thoughts on “My First Tremor

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  2. Very well written. My heart goes out to all who were lost and all who lost in the earthquake and aftershocks. I am glad you and your classmates did not have to experience the worst of it.

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  3. Oh, wow. So scary. Often times as tragedy is happening not all are aware of it. That happens. Earthquakes can be scary and one as large as the one you experienced is definitely scary! I hope you have been able to relax a little now. Did you feel the aftershock that happened on May 21st? (I was looking on Wiki). And why do they call it an aftershock and not just say it was a separate event? Do you know?

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    • That was the first time in my life when I realized the brevity and fickleness of life, that our stay at the world as we know it is just transient and unpredictable. No ma’am this article is talking about the first earthquake which had hit Nepal and northern parts of India(where I live) on 25th April,its aftershocks were felt till May 21st, which even I felt.The reason its termed an aftershock is that a major earthquake lasts for at least a month’s time,so all the minor tremors felt during that period are called aftershocks. Its like a stone falling in a lake, at the instant it falls and the turbulence it creates in the medium is like an earthquake and its receding ripples are called aftershocks.Thank you for going through my blog.


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