Acts of a Rape

Seeing the fine beauty,

donned by the mortals of femininity,

he is enthralled,

gets driven under a curse uncalled.

Love doesn’t dwell in him.

Wild desires cling to his heart’s rim.

He isn’t any Love Anarchist,

but a brutal Rapist.

A person of an unsound mind,

satisfaction is what he ties to find.

Narrow aisles and dark corners,

are where camouflage these hunters.

Waiting patiently,smoking a cigarette,

devoid of any saddening regret.

He prepares the setting like a Scientist,

but he is still a Rapist.

Unimpressed by her innocence,

he drags and tortures her beyond endurance.

The ruthless torment and suffering

brings wounds subjected to no healing.

He is indifferent to the pain.

The cries and screams of her go in vain.

He bats at the lass’ nape,

and completes a Rape.

He renders her robbed,

her dignity and pride finely chopped.

She lays there still

with her soul approaching the Heaven’s Hill.

Unmoved, deprived of any guilt.

He walks boldly without any slightest tilt.

He pushes the deformed corpse into the cape,

and that is how ends a Rape.

The carcass sinks there,

at the seabed all bare.

While the Satan runs afoot,

finds a cozy hiding and stays put.

There wasn’t any witness

to elucidate the darkness.

Weeks later, he goes scot-free

with no one got anything against him to see.

Yes its the present plight,

when a rapist escapes out of the sight.

Years roll away,

the kith and kin loosing the hopeful ray.

Pursuit,Pleasure and Pages lost,

is what happens the most.

These are the acts involved in a rape,

with the culprit still breathing in a perfect shape.


21 thoughts on “Acts of a Rape

    • Thank you ma’am, to be true I was very uncertain of publishing this poem, as I thought it might appear disgraceful to the womenfolk but your comment,”Powerful’ has completely changed it.Thank you once again for following Englishphilia.


  1. A very deep and well thought out poem…from the third person’s perspective. I can see where raising this subject could cause not only ripples but waves of discomfort. A very touchy subject and I applaud you for dealing with such a topic.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sir, I totally agree with you that “Rape” being a very sensitive issue can’t be discussed so openly or can be written so lyrically or nonchalantly in a poem but it’s the flexible,liberal and modern approach and attitude of readers like you Sir, which helps me to communicate my message.Thank you Sir for following Englishphilia and going through my writings…


  2. The poem, I don’t think or feel is disgraceful, but the use of “womenfolk” is a bit . . . well, I’ll just say that is an antiquated term/word that could be construed as disrespectful (in some parts of the world) especially associated with a poem about rape. Perhaps, it is acceptable where you are or where you are from.

    The poem is a sad reminder that many people get away with rape.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you ma’am for following Englishphilia, I am glad that my message got communicated to a larger society, It really shakes me up when a disgraceful incident like this occurs..Thus this poem was written with a prior aim to make people especially “modern people” realize that still even in the so called liberal era such rigid and pathetic incidents take place..


    • Thank you didi..its your teachings and care and love which has helped me to develop such a have always inspired me with your sense of diligence and determination, whatever i am today its just because of you and papa, mummy and choti didu and bhaiya..its the love and blessings of you all, which has brought me here…Thank you didu for your comments,it really means a lot to me..


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