The Nest

Woven in the back,

stuffed with straw and pieces of sack,

the two broad leaves stitched together,

could have stood any weather.

It’s hard to see such an art

due to the efforts on the bird’s part.

That little bird,

aloof from her herd,

created and embellished her abode,

swaying against the adjacent node.

When the eggs shall hatch,

the puny bird shall join the patch.

Departing that nest, a masterpiece,

she will join the good flow of the peace.

The nectar of the nearby roses,

won’t attract any more beaks and noses.

Spent succinct time in there,

nurturing her nestlings, all bare.

I can see her from my balcony,

soaring high, devoid of any agony.

That beautiful nest, a transient home,

the ephemeral stay and the seldom roam.

The nest appealed to my aesthetic sense,

 as it had something cryptic and intense.

The creator, that virtuoso bird,

aloof from her herd,

taught me the lesson of brevity,

and showed me the life of levity.

She profaned my very foundation,

rendered me somber, deprived of any adulation.

How could a creature do such a thing?

I was in a quandary about the departure thing.

She had brought twigs,straws and cotton balls,

pressed them against the inner walls.

I was so flamboyant,when heard her singing,

and now I am listless to see her leaving.

Detachment,brevity and exuberance,

flowed beyond the stretch of the fence.

Her innovation of the nest,

Her quick departure like a guest,

showed me her zeal for perseverance of living.

Maybe that is the reason of her still flying!


6 thoughts on “The Nest

  1. I must appreciate your talent to write on such an insignificant thing .
    We all know how a bird builds it’s nest and how it has to again do the same job in rebuilding it if it has been destroyed by the weather or any animal etc. and that to with the same hope. it is perhaps an inspiration to us.
    Thank u dear for rendering to us the same message through your wonderfully composed poem.
    Keep writing,
    all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mudit for your kind words, it feels really good when one’s close ones, his intimate friends appreciate his works. I am really happy if you found my work wonderfully composed.Thank you Mudit for all your support and appreciation.


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