Do things in your own way!

Can a bridled lion roar, a caged bird sing and a restrained human accomplish? If a person is allowed to do things in his own way, then he would accomplish much more than the person who gets often directed by others.When people are permitted to do things in their desired way, then they get more interested and enthusiastic in their work.Therefore such zealot people are able to scrutinize their path towards accomplishments, they yearn for.Having figured out the different obstacles and potential hindrances, they are able to prepare themselves well for the approaching problems.They naturally tend to work hard and their level of determination and devotion helps them to find the fulfillment and completion of their ambitions and goals.

The way you yield your pen decides the depth of your words.It may sound hypothetical to multitudes of rational people who follow the stereotypical paths.It is very important to listen to your heart because once you start listening to it, you get to recognize your skills and shortcomings.If you nurture your skills and get over your shortcomings, then it becomes much easier to follow your desired path. Always remember that you can take the horse to the pond but you cannot make him drink water.

When a person is allowed to do things in his willing way, then he gains confidence in himself which acts like a beacon and guides him.Many a times, parents and guardians enforce their expectations on their children, destroying their originality, creativity and thinking ability.They rebuke them and compel their children and pupils to do what they ask them to do. I have often seen cases where, children aspire to be actors, cricketers, authors and artists but their parents reprimand them, forcing them to become engineers, doctors and lawyers.Not only are they shattering the very mental foundation of their children but also raising dull and forlorn individuals.Didn’t Shakespeare leave an imprint on the society, Mother Teresa change the society and Martin Luther improve the society?

It is an obvious observant fact that even most dogmatic people agree to, that if people are allowed to do things in their own way, then they accomplish more.The free will, the quotient of interest and devotion come in play.From Leo Tolstoy to Bill Gates, great men accomplished a lot because they did what they longed to and did everything in their fashion.Life is a cart driven by your abilities and capabilities, the reins are in your hands, the way you control them and the manner in which you ride the cart confirms your advancements to your accomplishments.


8 thoughts on “Do things in your own way!

  1. something very true and still prevalent in today’s so called modern scenario.
    i really Hope to see people enculcate your thoughts in the future.
    Keep it up!

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    • Thank you ma’am, its the profound sense of understanding of Literature which helps a person to recognize the true depth of words, that straight away means that you are a talented person of a high taste of English Literature and Language, a virtuoso indeed.

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