The Paper Boats

By the lake in the summer morning,

the level had risen from the yesterday’s pouring.

The two kids in their frolic hue

were examining the enthralling view.

One in an extravagant display,

while the other exuding a rustic dismay.

Half bare, clad in a worn out breech

that peasant’s child of unfathomable reach.

Covered within a  piece of stitched cloth,

stood the Superior uptight,relishing his fitful wroth.

Their innocent palms had colorful boats,

which had crossed their stature moats.

Each placed on water their hand creation,

pushed their boats and cheered with no restriction.

They spent hours making innumerable paper boats:

One in his haven and other in his cote.

Unmuzzled in their ephemeral mirth,

they spent hours leisurely lying on the soft earth.

They dreamed of sailing together on a voyage,

unaccompanied with Cast,Creed,Color or Spoilage.

The rigid village and its orthodox norms

could not endure the horizon meeting the storm,

consequently sundered the two friends

and shattered all their fancy trends.

Their paper boats embraced the ocean,

but their friendship  got swallowed in an old notion.

Their innocence to the ruthless villagers, was ignorance.

They drove them away to the outskirts, following their intolerance.

The unlettered boy, his peasant father moved away with their goats,

with the pond left with despondent paper boats.


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