That Little Girl!

The zeal soared beyond the ambit,

the villagers weren’t insipid for a bit.

The mellifluous cries of her in that sight,

reverberated through that moonlit night.

The colossal crowd surrounded the cot,

waiting recklessly for the tot.

The taciturn ones were rejoicing,

the verbose were sanguine in expressing.

But very soon, the clandestine was bared,

the puny paragon of femininity plunged

in the thin air of humility.

Her cries were the malediction for their masculinity!

“Preposterous!”, cried the capricious men,

“Prerogative demands to kill!”

Camaraderie absconded the cot,

the bellicose father left the mother void.

It wasn’t a brouhaha,

but a malicious chimera!

That little girl screamed and howled,

the pusillanimous women juxtaposed.

The pristine soul was snatched from the mother.

Lamentation was the sole possession for her!

But the banshee was still wandering,

while the traditional men were slaying.

The raging creek savored the succulent soul,

when the girl was thrown into the death hole.

The bedrock relished the luscious flesh.

Life persevered through the hokum mesh.

The quintessence of Femininity,

was bamboozled by the orthodoxy!

This isn’t a rare exercise,

but a peregrination practice.

We kill our girls, murder their dreams,

And then  yearn for content of primes.

The times won’t change,

unless, we, the youth, will not rage!


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