28 Days of Sunshine

As a young journalist and mother, Andria Stones goes to drop her daughter Sarah at school when they meet with an accident that kills Sarah.
The immense grief and trauma result in the complete breakdown of  Andria’s life. The fact that she might be getting a divorce from her husband Patrick adds to her predicament. She goes to the countryside center “Sunshine Hills” to recuperate.
Will the woman who has lost her love, her child and her job be able to recover? Will her past have a bearing on her present and future? Will she find love again? What will be the end of her stay over there?
A beautiful description of love, nature, hope, struggle and will with an evident conflict of emotions and harsh realities will answer these and many other questions as you connect with Andria and the other Sunshiners in ’28 Days of Sunshine’.

You can order your copy today at Amazon, Flipkart, Scribd, Notion press, Bookada, Infibeam,Kindle, Google books,Paytm,Shopclues and Kobo! To keep in contact with this editorially 4.4 star rated realistic fiction, you can follow:




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