The waves will still hit the rocks

You took my hands to the beach,
no one else to be seen in the reach,
kissed the rain drops,
till my cheeks and closed eyes.

Knit together, our red hands,
I felt the time running in distant sands,
You whispered, I blushed coy.
My ears are still warm with that melody.

My smile was your adoration.
Holding me by the waist in sweet redemption,
We traversed further,
Water receding from our feet to horizon.

Five seasons passed away,
And you went to the foreign bay.
Memories stay and haunt me,
Render me wide awake.

To see me asleep in your embrace,
with nothing to worry for days.
The sweet rain of love,
Still tickle down my terrain.

Well, I still remember,
How you had held me for the first time there.
Blood rushed, I twisted, love flushed,
And you hid me in your arms,
No sun, no winter, nothing to be seen.

‘Time wasn’t with us’, murmured your lips,
That our paths will meet an eclipse,
feathers will eventually burn,
that I will crash to the ground.

Those rides, that mirth,
Warmth of your breath,
Smell of your hair,
Rush of your fingers,
Still cripple me, make me moan,
Recall, regret and break.

You said you’ll still be there,
Still care,
Will still love me.
But, I know, it can never be like before.

I will go to that beach again,
To that bed in vain,
Where the waves and wrinkles will wait to drown me.
I will stretch out my head in that sun again.

No ends will meet,
No kiss, no touch, no heat,
This time,
It shall just be me.

The waves will still hit the rock,
Where we once sat in love lock.
The wind will still kiss the dusky paths,
Where we walked together.
The world will still smile a day ahead,
But my world won’t stay the same for me.


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