Is Social Media the sole spark of life?

The ubiquitous social media has not spared any aspect of our everyday life. The eruption of social media and the magmatic flow of the trend has seeped in all strata of society. While many may believe that youth is the direct consumer of social media, the aftermath of its consumption can be felt in all the attributes.

Facebook is the most consumed social media platform in India which not only dominates the minds of the cosmos of urban life but also has got quite an evident following from developing and rural sectors. With Facebook’s newsfeed, many absorb the news content and share it on different platform. It has created a more virtual presence of people, utilizing which many business firms flourish because of the easy networking facility of the social media. Somewhere down the line, Facebook has become a requirement for fitting in the ‘hip/ modern/ updated/ relevant’ tag. Many events, from international rock concerts till local meet ups, garner attention and audience through Facebook. All rising and established business firms, aspiring artists, institutes, have their business Facebook pages, that not only serve as the medium of communication between the organization and the consumers but also help them in maintaining brand equity. We tend to side-line the firms who don’t have a well established social presence. This tendency is the direct repercussion of social media.

An Instagram account is a must for affirming a classy brand name, it maybe for individuals or firm. Richer the user manufactured visual content, better is the branding of the concerned party, more authentic and credible is the reputation of the user. We share and communicate with our followers through stories and pictures we upload on Instagram. The case is same with Snapchat. We are consuming and generating a lot of content for our higher visibility. The media houses have active social media platforms to facilitate that visibility. Twitter is another medium, highly used by media houses and journalism channels to engage better with the viewers. Higher TRPs and more viewership gets the credibility intact.

Talking about the pursuit of higher viewership, YouTube is one major platform where videos of all sorts catering to different interests and informative values are consumed by viewers extensively. Amateur designers taking Photoshop tutorials, working wives learning how to cook their husband’s most cherished dish, retired army official humming to the melody of Kishore Kumar songs, or simply a movie lover starting his own channel on movie reviews, YouTube offers a wide range of facilities to its users. Many popular YouTubers earn a lot from their famous channels. Lately, media houses have started their YouTube channels, where along with Facebook, they post live feeds. YouTube has become a very important social media platform where lot of content is consumed by people of different pursuits.

Blogging platforms continue to be used by individuals, where personal content is manufactured. Blogger, WordPress, BlogSpot, and many more continue to be extended information pages of many organizations and spaces of innovation and creativity for individuals.

Social media campaigns have facilitated many changes and created a wave of awareness. From Me2 campaign till hashtag Cauvery, social media campaigns have served as change facilitators. The recent #Padmavati is becoming the raging voice of freedom of expression, which is being in a way curtailed because of the opposition against the movie. Sports commentary, news pieces, entertainment bits exploit social media to reach out to as many people as possible. Government has also started to use social media to promote their party propagandas. Elections always hit up the social media buzz.

From the lifestyle choices till the political decisions we make, social media has penetrated our society ad us to the core where it has begun to become an indispensable part of our lives. We might not interact much with our peers or colleagues, but we will surely catch up with them on digital chat boxes or follow them by liking their posts. Interpersonal communication has taken a step down, where virtual presence and social media interaction is manifesting the path ahead. It is downright a fallacious remark that social media hasn’t affected our daily functioning. It has influenced our thinking, shaped our approach, sculpted a virtual image of us and apparently connected us more. We were cave dwellers in the stone age, time developed us into social animals at the dawn of civilization and presently, we are virtual presences in the world of social media.


4 thoughts on “Is Social Media the sole spark of life?

  1. “We are virtual presences in the world of social media”
    I couldn’t agree more to this line.
    Truly, social media has become an indispensable part of life, which I believe has impacted us more in a negative way rather than a positive one!

    A very well written article.
    Keep up the good work Pratyush 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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