Resuscitation of Doling Lake: Mitigating the needs


Government of Sikkim has been successful in reviving the once seasonal Doling Lake of Rabongla into a perennial kind by diverting the water of the nearby stream into the lake. The project was completed in 2008 with joint efforts of Block Administrative Centre (BAC), with and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

“This stream was not being used by the people owing to its difficult location, so we channelized the water and filled up this dried-up lake”, explained Udaya Chamling, Field Facilitator BAC. The initiative though taken to beautify the tourist location and mitigate the water scarcity in the nearby areas has not completely met the latter tangent of work.

With the resurrection of Doling lake, however, the tourism industry has seen an evident boom. The scenario wasn’t the same before as the changing climate trickled many water resources in the neighbouring areas, especially with springs and lakes facing a consequent decrease in their discharge. These water bodies have remained the primary sources of water for rural households and to ensure its availability, Government of Sikkim has further ventured into the revival of many such dying springs and lakes of the state. Besides, the sustainability of the mountain ecosystem thrives predominantly on such water resources.

Doling lake stands as the exemplar of the revival of the fading ecosystems of the mountains. The resurgent lake flows in tranquil today in the shadow of the Doling monastery garnering the attention of many.


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