Rain of fire

If it burns, let it burn,

The wind will heave the wrath further,

The leaves burn crumbling to core,

And, you breathe universes beyond & farther.

Step out to the edge of tunnel,

Bright white light blinding,

Drop a pin into the lake, as it ripples, the pin disintegrates, kissing the bed.

Rain clatters at my window, mist in the skin and soul of the warmth…

You push open the doors, the air rushes out.

Drop by drop, rain falls to your fingertips, sliding down, dripping from your cliff.

And you stay put, hearing the symphony,

Discordant denominators going in sync with grand melody.

My soul swirls in me,

Breath evanescing from the leaves, crushed comics sparkle.

The symphony of infinite harmonies, thousand winds subsuming in each other

You sit by the wall, turning a page, shaking your bind,

You lie crippled on the edge of fire.

Eyes turn dry red with your flames.

Enchanted universe breaking into smithereens.

Walk, walk that leg, zlap, click, tick, tack, you go,

You can move into your new home,

When you burnt my nest.

Agony rushes with rainbows.

Clap, clap, clap, clurp, hands together

You moved to another land,

water between us of endless depth,

Dive home, will you?

Rain is pouring, still in its grandeur,

Face out your smile at the clouds,

Let the lightening gaze at your skin

Blood enters the empty vessel,

Heat steams, the water keys receding in,

Raindrops flowing into me,

My hands smell of memories.

Chop? Chop them off, chop, chop, you move.

Hope that sun stays burning, cosmos evolving and our days falling off.

Close? Hang my brain down from your sincere hook.

Let blood drop down,

Juices flow out, humors leaking,

Inspect, click, enter, saved, document what you think you see

Done? Breathe my smoke,

Feel my rain

Kiss the new universe.



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