The Nest

Woven in the back,

stuffed with straw and pieces of sack,

the two broad leaves stitched together,

could have stood any weather.

It’s hard to see such an art

due to the efforts on the bird’s part.

That little bird,

aloof from her herd,

created and embellished her abode,

swaying against the adjacent node.

When the eggs shall hatch,

the puny bird shall join the patch.

Departing that nest, a masterpiece,

she will join the good flow of the peace.

The nectar of the nearby roses,

won’t attract any more beaks and noses.

Spent succinct time in there,

nurturing her nestlings, all bare.

I can see her from my balcony,

soaring high, devoid of any agony.

That beautiful nest, a transient home,

the ephemeral stay and the seldom roam.

The nest appealed to my aesthetic sense,

 as it had something cryptic and intense.

The creator, that virtuoso bird,

aloof from her herd,

taught me the lesson of brevity,

and showed me the life of levity.

She profaned my very foundation,

rendered me somber, deprived of any adulation.

How could a creature do such a thing?

I was in a quandary about the departure thing.

She had brought twigs,straws and cotton balls,

pressed them against the inner walls.

I was so flamboyant,when heard her singing,

and now I am listless to see her leaving.

Detachment,brevity and exuberance,

flowed beyond the stretch of the fence.

Her innovation of the nest,

Her quick departure like a guest,

showed me her zeal for perseverance of living.

Maybe that is the reason of her still flying!


Acts of a Rape

Seeing the fine beauty,

donned by the mortals of femininity,

he is enthralled,

gets driven under a curse uncalled.

Love doesn’t dwell in him.

Wild desires cling to his heart’s rim.

He isn’t any Love Anarchist,

but a brutal Rapist.

A person of an unsound mind,

satisfaction is what he ties to find.

Narrow aisles and dark corners,

are where camouflage these hunters.

Waiting patiently,smoking a cigarette,

devoid of any saddening regret.

He prepares the setting like a Scientist,

but he is still a Rapist.

Unimpressed by her innocence,

he drags and tortures her beyond endurance.

The ruthless torment and suffering

brings wounds subjected to no healing.

He is indifferent to the pain.

The cries and screams of her go in vain.

He bats at the lass’ nape,

and completes a Rape.

He renders her robbed,

her dignity and pride finely chopped.

She lays there still

with her soul approaching the Heaven’s Hill.

Unmoved, deprived of any guilt.

He walks boldly without any slightest tilt.

He pushes the deformed corpse into the cape,

and that is how ends a Rape.

The carcass sinks there,

at the seabed all bare.

While the Satan runs afoot,

finds a cozy hiding and stays put.

There wasn’t any witness

to elucidate the darkness.

Weeks later, he goes scot-free

with no one got anything against him to see.

Yes its the present plight,

when a rapist escapes out of the sight.

Years roll away,

the kith and kin loosing the hopeful ray.

Pursuit,Pleasure and Pages lost,

is what happens the most.

These are the acts involved in a rape,

with the culprit still breathing in a perfect shape.

My First Tremor

Getting soaked to the skin in the monotony of the chemistry class, I happened to view something unusual out of my class window. The tall tree next to the empty corridor was swaying as if it had a crazy monkey on it. While i was gazing out of the window trying to think the reason of the oscillating tree, someone shouted from the back of the class,” It’s an earthquake!”. No sooner did this unknown person said so than chaos ensued in the class. We all started screaming and talking among ourselves. My desk started vibrating and my water bottle kept on it fell down. Seeing this, we all ran out of the class, while two right students of my class, one of them being my best friend, started packing up their bags and were ensuring that their every belonging from a gel pen to competition books have been packed. Our headmaster came in and declared,”Students move either to the front field or back field. Hasten up! Leave your bags here and just move”. Seconding him, our commerce teacher who was teaching in the next class, shouted in a furious tone,” Evacuate immediately, move quick, you idiots, stop packing your bags, move, move quickly move!”. The so quiet corridor was now an anarchic alley and within no time students from all  classes and sections came out of their classes, all panicking and rushed down the stairs heading to the fields.

High clouds of dust were rising from the unpaved patches of the tennis court area, and students and teachers and other staff members were worrying as the ground beneath them was shaking. Very soon the whole school, from little kids of kinder garden till class 12th seniors like me, were present in the either fields. Today was a cloudless day, so we had to seek for the shade of the huge trees but with the fear that they will hammer us deep into the soil, we maintained an appropriate distance from them. In situations like this, people panic, shout and scream and tend to worsen the things but our school fraternity showed quite obverse display. Children were in a frolic mood, jumping and screaming cheerfully, shouting to their top of their voices, while 300 people were getting buried alive in the debris of the 9 floor tower, which collapsed in Lamjung in Nepal, the epicenter of the earthquake. We could feel the earth moving under our feet. Within few minutes around 11:56 am, we felt the second tremor, while the first was reportedly of 7.8 magnitude, the second wasn’t that strong. Not realizing the seriousness of all this, the middle school children were playing football and blindfolds.We, seniors were asked to move back to the back field, where the view was even cheery,  people were playing hide and seek in the buses which were just under the tall trees, sitting against walls of the swimming pool area and seemed enjoying the moment. The principal ma’am announced,” Following the protocols, we have received from the District Manager, we request all the bus students to report to back field and those who go by the private convenience, please step out from the front gate, please evacuate the premises immediately and stay away from the building walls. Don’t worry about your school bags and other belongings, you may receive them on the next working day and all the tests and assessments have been annulled for now. Now please leave, and maintain some discipline.”and we left. I drove back to my house and saw that everything was normal and in order.tre

But what I saw in the television and news channels, wasn’t normal. More than 400 people are still buried under the debris, all sorts of telecommunication facility has been cancelled in the major reasons of Nepal. While we received the aftershocks of the massively destructive earthquake, Nepal lost its 990 citizens in this tremor. While majority of my schoolmates were enjoying the whole tremor thing, many were dying a painful death in Nepal. All highways, airports and tourist destinations in Nepal have been severely damaged, our prime minister is extending a great help to our neighboring country, roads have got cracks but more importantly many lives have got deep cracks which shall take a lot of time o heel. This earthquake has caused avalanches in Mount Everest region and has completely destroyed the base camps.Weather people are expecting another earthquake  even though it was my first tremor of life, first time experience, seeing its fatal aspects, i don’t want to experience it again.tremors

Lets all hold our hands and pray for those innocent people and console their kith and kin through our prayers. Today I learned a lesson that every thing which you feel is anew thus exciting, can be fatal and as I am writing this post, I am sweating profusely because of an anticipated quake of even higher intensity. Just think, although I am 1000 miles away from the origin of the tremors, I am frightened, what shall be the state of people living right at the epicenter?


Virtuality of the Reality

How pragmatic you may consider it,

but reality doesn’t always fit.

The world, a place so vivid,

a pond too placid.

Impossibilities in reality,

are credible in virtuality.

   A writer’s mind and a suitor’s heart,

The thought process and the affectionate part,

swim through the canals of hope.

Even though your brow hangs loose like a rope,

novel ideology of reality,

sways high in the world of virtuality.

A place, unapproachable,

A destination, unattainable,

achievement of such aspirations,

are solely possible at virtual stations.

Stare at your mirror,

and assassin the parasitic terror.

People adhere to orthodox reality.

They are afraid to fly in the sky of virtuality.

Fantasy and flights in virtual lands

produce creativity from intellectual sands.

The strokes of your brushes in reality,

showers rainbows in virtuality.

Don’t resist that feeling of fantasy,

visit those lands with great ecstasy,

Nurture your fondness for creativity,

don’t dawdle in a bridled infinity.

Embrace the true virtuality,

and abandon the false reality.


Lullabies To The Dead


In the dark of a cot,

a mother sits by the earthen pot.

Haggard and pale,

she finishes a fairy tale,

the little life in her womb,

gets trapped in his tomb.

She clenches her fist,

with her forehead wet with mist.

Presses her parched lips

and takes droughts and short sips.

Trying to overcome the pain in her belly,

she begins humming a lullaby.

The stars are bright,

the moon dances at a height,

sweet fragrance of red roses,

are felt by fairy noses,

sleep my angel,

so soft and beautiful.

She sings again and again,

but senses rising pain.

She shrieks and shouts,

cries aloud, twists and pouts.

A lullaby again,

reverberates in the forest rain.

The sense of motherhood,

gets lost in that wood.

Silence ensues in that cot,

as the infant dies in her pot.

Lullabies echo in that wood,

sung by a mother deprived of motherhood.


Hard Work Is Today’s Fairy Godmother

May it be Cinderella or any other such fairytale, the magic bestowed by the fairy godmothers has always been a turning point in the fairy tales.Who can forget the magic clad by Cinderella,while dancing with Prince Charming.Thus that Cinderella story effortlessly ended on a happy tone due to the fairy godmother.

         However, in today’s world, there aren’t any such godmothers who with their wands can ameliorate our lives and can direct them towards a path of pure happiness.What can actually help us in enhancing the standards of our lives is Hard work.Yes you read it correct.Don’t rub the glasses of your spectacles or your tired eyes because it is true. Diligence is the fairy godmother.Well renowned dictionaries say that a fairy godmother is a female character in some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortunes to the hero or heroine.To sum up she is a generous benefactor. I can’t see any difference between the fairy godmother and hard work.

        If one with his full will power strives to do a work with his full heart and sinew, then nothing whatsoever can stop him. Your degree of hard work is directly linked to your degree of life.If you are a person standing always under the umbrella of excuses, then you shall live a deplorable life.On contrary, if you are truly dedicated and determined individual, then you would spend a life burdened with mirth.Hard work does wonders, it can break the loftiest mountains into tiny smithereens and can paint the sky with your fame and success.

In 21st century, happy ending doesn’t mean the final meeting of the prince and princess, it implies survival of  person through all the social evils and attainment of stability.I may sound very staunch professional to many, but let me tell you that life in present society, as we know it, is challenging.Thus every individual strives for stability and for it, you require to work hard.Unlike the fairy tales, you cannot on magic, you need to discover the magic dwelling within you.You ought to channelize your thoughts and shape them into goals.For the attainment of these goals, you need to put your brawn and brain together.Your hours of complete and dedicated hard work can decide your hours of luxury.Who doesn’t yearn for lavish laving, but hard work is something you need.

The magic it can show is truly unbelievable. Hard work is a fairy godmother who can transform a worthless pauper into an exalted king.The choice is yours.How much tech savvy you may get, you can’t depend on an app to perform your share of hard work.

I am not saying to break your trust in fairy tales, but simply asking to realize their incredibility.The living embodiment of fairy godmother is hard work.The more you put in, the more magical your life becomes.Even though it may not have a magical wand or a hat but yes,hard work definitely has magic. So try to embrace the new godmother:Hard work.With its spells, this godmother can certainly bring a happy ending.


The Guilt

My misdeeds and my crimes,

deprive me of the sleep of high primes.

My conscience throbs in the agony chimes.

So my soul suffocates,eventually sublimes.

Eyes loathe my shadow so bitter like Mediterranean limes,

and degradation and decay hasten with times.

The perfect body collapses with a thud,

with all my fame drowning in the lowly mud.

They slander me and call me a dud,

or on occasions I am an infected bud.

Thus I am chewed like a cud

and twisted endlessly till people make me blood.

Sanity and tranquility flee,

repentance and woe welcome me.

My whole life rests on rage’s tree,

burning my soul for everything I did to thee.

Stale memories sting me like a bee.

Remorse and regret are my only fee.

I am drowning in the ocean of sadness,

with none to rescue me from this madness.

My present plight lacks gladness,

I desperately yearn for a moment of happiness.

But the Nature shan’t give me forgiveness,

for my acts are beyond the ambit of badness.

Dark and dusted curtains surround my vision,

my intellect has ended in a fission.

My entire personality is a big lesion,

criticism is my everyday pension.

I am my beloved hatred’s denizen,

of a place fraught with tension.

I want to dagger the malice of my heart,

so there is nothing but eternity to start.

Condemnation is my life’s only alive part.

My demeanor is an imperfect art,

which is suggestive of a wart.

What am I to myself? Nothing but a dart.

I have committed things,

which now no one sings.

I want to escape my state with freedom wings.

I have created those dings,

which are irremovable by wrings,

lured by Nature’s kings.

Lamentation doesn’t soothe my soul,

as the devil has created a bottomless hole.

You can’t measure my pain with a pole.

There are blisters on my heart’s sole,

which can’t be treated with medicine sole.

I just seek forgiveness as my dole.

The Guilt has poisoned my brain,

vengeance had drenched me in the rain,

and so I committed the blunder in vain.

Now Guilt diseases every tissue in its reign,

and has rendered me as worthless as a grain.

The Guilt has murdered my brain!


To My Principal

My principal:Mrs.Anju Wal.

My principal:Mrs.Anju Wal.

The highest degree of impeccability,

resides in mortals of high capability.

Those who excel with brawn and brain,

thus treat each hurdle as a small grain.

They are there who strive for perfection,

and spread their thoughts in every possible direction.

Inception of such a human,

can be molded and chiseled by a woman.

My life with its countless flaws,

used to wave in distress like dry summer straws.

It was your preachings,

in disguise of teachings,

that directed me to a path of dedication

which I followed with your taught contemplation.

They may call you just a teacher,

but you always acted like  profound enricher.

Your Modesty at its quintessence,

made everyone glow with innocence.

It isn’t any piece of false and fake flattery,

which was produced at a local abandoned factory.

You are a true idol,

who never sits idle.

My literary passion took a soaring flight,

when it was nurtured by your insight.

Oh! this naive nature,

What joy it brings you to separate a pupil from a teacher.

Your severity and outwardly coldness,

was always misjudged as dualness.

It took me time to fathom your greatness,

I hope you will pardon my carelessness.

You are a providence for society,

It is great accomplishment to have your own entity.

My heart pains like a thousand devils.

The agony and despair is rising by levels.

To see you leaving our humble nest,

burns my mind which can’t be rejoiced with any jest.

You shall continue your life devoid of us,

But it would be an arduous task to pursue without you among us.

People leave an imprint when they are dead,

but you have left an impression,anchored to the living seabed.

You are a phenomenal person,

who without any use of arsenal

ameliorated me and improved me,

for which I am in a life long debt to thee.

With these last words in mind,

I thank you for every word you have wind,

And I hope that your words of wisdom,

shall reverberate always in this universe hums.

To my principal, Mrs.Anju Wal, a visionary in herself.


Revelation of within

A boy can’t apply lip balms.A girl can’t wear hooded jackets.A boy should loathe color pink as an option for shirts and a girl shouldn’t walk in jeans.Cricket,football and other sports should be a delight to boys whereas girls should sit in a cozy corner ameliorating her knitting skills.Today we are living in a society which is fraught with biased people, who view people through stereotypical spectacles.

                Even though we dwell within modern walls but still our windows are open to orthodox opinions.People  expect that a boy should remain within the definition of a boy and a girl shouldn’t cross the limits of a girl.A boy has to be  baseball champion and a girl should excel in embroidery work.Unless they do what hey are expected to do,they are subjected to criticism and thus their dreams and desires decay.So  here is my Revelation of Within, with my inner feelings as the protagonist and the society and its people as the antagonist.

               The thing I hate the most is to sweat,so with fear of stench followed by perspiration, I avoid sports.I love cleanliness more than the godliness ,hence having three baths a day ain’t a peculiar thing for me but a symptom of extreme femininity for many.If video games aren’t of any interest for me,then how can I do  any good with a gaming set like Xbox.To be true,till date, I have knowledge of cricket rules and regulations.Choosing a V-shaped shirt gain is a sign of feminism,for my friends, whom I now regard as acquaintances.

                The frolic atmosphere of spring time doesn’t arouse me to play rather it engulfs me into a dreamland,where I can see myself sitting under an  old oak tree, composing poems.In the mirror, I don’t see myself as an engineer, I see myself as an English professor cum author and poet.The zeal i possess for writing again drags me among a stereotypical and prejudiced society, which considers English just as a language.People like some of my relatives think that I am an impeccable example of a fool because I prefer English to Science.

            Ever since I gained my senses,I developed a strong,vehement passion for English Literature and Language.If that makes me a girl dreaming about fairylands, then I have no problems with it.I can’t change the mindset of such people or modify their approach but can only improvise my own perception and thinking and so I do.I don’t kill my dreams with the fear of slanders and false accusations.Just as I breathe, I dream.I aspire to become an English professor of Oxford University and if my aspirations and dreams are judged by judgmental people,then it isn’t my fault or harm, it is a foul disease they bear.

           To sum up, I’ll say that dreams should be nurtured by us and shouldn’t be damaged just with the fear of the society because society and its people won’t realize the importance and passion we uphold for our dreams,they will just torment us.So dream and reveal yourself against the fear of the society.



love in buttonsLove is going to spring from the earthworm holes in few moments,into air.Couples moving together beneath the sky, drenched in love.Many people view Love as a feeling which requires proximity, but love is a feeling which doesn’t want nearness it solely wants emotions.A wife laying cozy in quilt dreaming about her husband at borders guarding the security and integrity of his motherland, a college boy getting tattoo for his beloved,thinking to surprise by visiting his girlfriend who has moved 1000 miles away from him, and their are many more illustrations from daily life which shall completely deny the opinion:Love needs nearness.It just requires nearness of hearts and souls.

Age again ain’t any parameter which  can determine and decide whom to love.A person of 23 can fall in love with 32.People say that the comfort zone comes in grave peril when it comes to age factor.To those immature heads,I will say that a its a rare sight to see the both partners of a couple to live together and die together.So why to hesitate to love a person who is older to you?

Caste,color and creed stand nowhere when it comes to love someone.If you have this feeling anchored in your mind that he is black and I am white,then you shall die alone.Similarly religion shouldn’t be the deciding factor,we are children of one god,so we can love anyone without any barrier.Few think that its safe to marry one of same nationality.It is us, humans who have divided the entire land into divisions which we call,”Nations”. Love doesn’t understand nationality, it just understands the individual indifferent to the fact whether he hails from America or India.

If you love a boy being a boy and think that your love shall be criticized and condemned,then think that will those critics shall be present all along in your life.Of course no, so feel proud to be gay or lesbian, because it isn’t any thing bad or unnatural.It is totally natural because Love doesn’t chooses a human, it chooses a heart and it doesn’t know where that heart resides,in a boy or in a girl.

Money is a crucial part of our life but not the most important part.You are at the pinnacle of your success, and love a woman who is a just receptionist at the office of your million dollar firm, you think that it shall be a blow to your earned reputation,then just wait and ponder over a thought that in your old days,when you will crave for emotional support,will your reputation and money hold your hands and soothe your emotions?Stature and status char to ashes in the flaming passion of Love.

In a nutshell,this blog is addressed to those people who are afraid to express,realize or admit their feelings just with the fear of stereotypical,biased and rigid society.Folks believe in your love,as it is the beacon of your path.Love is a great feeling,those who get afraid of the society.

This valentines day, express your feelings without any reluctance and fear.Break through all the stereotypical society and just love.